If there is another name for theft, lying, fraud, bullying, it is Rajapaksha brother company. When every nerve of Rajapaksha is false fraud, there is no need to say what is the fate of a country they rule. It is practically a biology in front of the eyes.No matter who does theft, fraud, if Gotabhaya Rajapaksha of the Rajapaksha family is not one of them.

This is why 69 lakh people voted for him and gave him power in 2019Did those who defined him as an independent person who was not involved in politics lined up around him and brought him to the president chair, the criticizing intelligent people with a brain declared Gotabhaya Rajapaksha is a useless raw bull. Today it has been provenBut Rajapaksha who didn’t accept it brought Gotabhaya Rajapaksha into power by declaring that if he can’t build this country there are no one else. 69 lakh people kept so much trust.

But by today, when the fact proves that he knows nothing, the destruction that should happen to the country and the people.Gotabhaya Rajapaksha is also a liar, fraudulent thief like the rest of the Rajapaksha. Even though he held the Secretary of Defense, he committed a scam of 14,000 lakhs while buying Migyana to the Air Force, the people who didn’t accept it brought him to the President’s chair, declaring them false muddy blasphemy.That mig deal wasn’t a lie, but a truth. It has been proved again that Gotabhaya Rajapaksha is a fraudulent bribery dealer. It was with the meeting of about 178 lakhs in a room in the Presidential House where he was residing.

On July 9, 2022, patriotic protesters raid the Presidential House, Gotabhaya Rajapaksha and his wife Ayoma Rajapaksha, along with his raid. They rushed with essential commodities exterior in a short route through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs near the Presidential House.Although a comprehensive security programme, including special arrangements, including his security forces, was not implemented at this time. He left the Presidential House like that through a defense mechanism that was very secretly limited to only a few.It included a limited group of about ten people including Gotabhaya Rajapaksha, Ayoma Rajapakshe, President Public Relations Officer Brigadier Mahinda Ranasinghe. It is a special incident that even the motorcycle force was not involved.But the protesters totally managed to take over the Presidential House.

Then while checking there rooms, they randomly found some money that was safely hidden in a room.Probably this money was prepared to be taken away by Gotabhaya Rajapaksha during his escape. But in the chaotic nature, they couldn’t carry them if they were to grab the fighters, they would have to be killed, so they have forgotten and escaped.Strikeers acted to count the money and hand it over to senior police officer Nishan Fernando of the Special Police Officer who was safe in the Presidential House. Owun could have kept this money without giving it like that. But the protesters didn’t. Owoohoo proving his honesty and handing it over to the police is a great job.Later, Mahinda Jayasinghe, Chief Secretary of the Sri Lanka Teachers Services Association, intervened and handed over the money to Fort Police Chief Police Inspector Sagara Liyanage, he also filed a complaint in the police book to conduct a comprehensive investigation into the incident. .As soon as he came to know about this, the senior Deputy IG in charge of Western Province, Deshbandhu Thennakoon Sagara Liyanage, who was immediately informed to hide the money without any investigation.

Not only that, the money should be handed over to Minister of Public Defence Tiran Alas, as one of his representatives is about to come to the Fort Police Station.Thus Sagara Liyanage was ready to execute it under the influence of the senior Deputy IG, but immediately it could not function properly with this spreading across the society.An upset police media spokesperson senior police officer Nihal Thalduwa was issuing a statement saying that the statement made to Deshbandu Thennakoon, Sagara Liyanage to collect the money was false.

A police media spokesperson is a very good person at blaming what wrong did the police do, claiming that they were false. So it is accurate that no matter what he stated, Deshbandhu Thennakoon Fort made such an influence on the police chief.Not only that, the police should conduct a comprehensive investigation into such a huge stock of cash is received. About this should be reported to the court with a B report and get court advise and orders for further proceedings.But there was no quick action to take judicial action by conducting such an investigation into the influence of Fort Police. Fort police had to come to Fort Police for a policy of not investigating by suppressing the complaint.President Gotabhaya Rajapaksha will face a serious problem if a formal investigation is conducted and a court action is taken on this. This money was found inside a room of the Presidential House where he is residing in.Then, it will be something he put on his consent. How did he get so much money? It’s like two and a half years that he’ll be running for president.

Regarding that time, his monthly salary saved all money including other intentions, but he is not able to earn as huge as 178 lakhs.Then, this money may be earned by some other way. This is under the money laundering act as well as the bribery act, a legal action can be taken against Gotabhaya Rajapaksha by conducting a comprehensive investigation.When the protesters got that money, it clearly showed that they were covered very safely. The cover belts, signatures, numbers, etc. will show that they are money derived from some bank.Then, from which bank did you take that money? What is the account number for her? When did this happen? Who is the person or person involved? How did it even get to the presidential house? Who handed it over to the president? What is it for? More information related documents, bank computer system, ha c. C. T. The facts can be proved clearly while checking V cameras etc.If the complaint was received by the Fort Police immediately and proper investigation was reported to the court, there will be a situation where Gotabhaya Rajapaksha will be questioned and made statements on the court order.

Not only that, as a comprehensive investigation is required under the Money Laundering Act in connection with the incident, Gotabhaya Rajapaksha will be a key factor in it. If he fled the country at this time, those tests will be obstructed.If a report containing those points was submitted to the court and a ban order is issued for him to not leave the country, maybe Gotabhaya Rajapaksha will not be able to flee.The police not taking any steps to prevent that situation shows that the police have taken knowingly or unknowingly steps to get Gotabhaya Rajapaksha to flee from the country. Who is responsible for this?What does IG Chandana Wikramarathne say about this? Isn’t it that the money is undergoing proper investigation and not taking formal action by the court indicates that they are taking necessary actions within the police to suppress the money transaction?

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